SAES anti-fog is an innovative category of films with excellent anti-condensation properties.
Performance is guaranteed by special water-based transparent lacquers:

Contact Angle < 10°

It is ideal for products in chilled/refrigerated display cabinets.


Better performing
Excellent optimal and uniform anti-fog effect

More efficient to produce
Ready to use

No transfer of additives to the product

More reliable over time
Performance remains unchanged during storage

More stable
Quality guaranteed even in case of temperature changes during storage


Cold anti-fog
Guaranteed performance for products in chilled/refrigerated display cabinets


Water-based coating

Eco-friendly because
these are advanced functional single material solutions, thanks to a water-based coating.


Main applications

Chilled/refrigerated display cabinets:
fruit and vegetables ready to eat,
processed meats/cold cuts,
cheeses, fresh pasta

Brilliant and
transparent packs