SAES coated compost is an innovative category of lacquered and compostable films (compliant with European standard EN13432).

The optional functions are all guaranteed thanks to the special coating:
O2 CO2 and N2 barrier, WV barrier, UV barrier,
Ethylene-free, Anti-Fog.


 100% sustainable
Excellent performance and offering the maximum attention to the environment

Strengthen your position as a sustainable brand



Single material

Single layer

Cracking resistance
Excellent performance in the Gelbo Test

Water-based coating

Available functions

O2 – CO2 – N2 barrier
High performance and uniformity of properties over the entire surface

 WV barrier
Excellent against water vapour

Avoids micro-condensation

Selective absorption of ethylene maintaining the transparency of the packaging

 UV barrier
Thanks to the metallization process

Compostable because
these films are compostable, treated with a barrier or active coating for packaging that is environmentally friendly.


Main applications

Chilled/refrigerated display cabinets:
fruit and vegetables both fresh
and ready to eat, meat

sweet and savoury snacks,
dried fruit,
coffee capsules

The perfect packaging
for organic products