Saes ethylene-free is an innovative film able to selectively absorb the ethylene produced by fruit and vegetables. Performance is guaranteed by a special water-based transparent coating.

This is an integrated solution in that the film itself has the function of absorbing ethylene without the need to insert sachets or adhesive strips in the package.

Can be used in flow-packs or heat-sealed onto the container.


Less food waste
Improved product preservation

Improved nutritional stability
Selective absorption of ethylene only

Fresher and tastier
The natural organoleptic properties are maintained

Longer shelf-life
Slowing down of the deterioration process

Better hygienic conditions
Thanks to the integration of the package


Transparent solution

Single material

Single layer

Selective ethylene absorption

Water-based coating

Active because
these films are patented and are unequalled in reducing food waste and maintaining freshness in products prone to rapid deterioration.



Main applications

Chilled/refrigerated display cabinets:
fruit and vegetables both fresh
and ready to eat

Available in flow-packs
or heat-sealed to the container