SAES multi-gas barrier is a range of products offering a high level of protection against oxygen and water vapour:

O2TR: down to 0,5 cc / m2 x 24 h

WVTR: down to 0,5 g / m2 x 24 h

Performance is guaranteed by a water-based coating and a metallization layer which can be applied to almost any base film: BOPET, BOPP, BOPA, LDPE.


Replaces aluminium foil
Guarantees greater eco-sustainability

The coating allows lamination with a thinner film

Less layers
Reduces over-packaging

Less use of material and reduction in thickness

Longer shelf-life
Greater performance of the barrier properties

More efficient production
Improved machinability and ease of printing


Water-based coating

 O2 – WV barrier
High level of barrier uniformity on all surfaces

 UV barrier
Thanks to the metallization process

Excellent weldability and sealing strength even in the presence of dust or powders

Cracking resistance
Excellent performance in the Gelbo Test

Eco-friendly because

these are advanced functional solutions that replace traditional aluminium. They reduce layers and thicknesses and facilitate the move to single material structures.


Main applications

dehydrated soups, baked goods, powdered milk, dried fruit

Personal care:
creams, shampoos,
single-dose soaps

Health care:
food integrators, powdered foodstuffs

Metalized packages
or with aluminium foil