Privacy policy.

SAES Coated Films S.p.A. (SAES) would like to thank you for your visit and your interest in our company, products and services.

This privacy policy describes the characteristics of the processing of the personal data collected via the websites (the Website), by SAES Getters; it does not apply to any third-party websites, apps or contents in general, even if accessible from the Website. In these cases, the provisions made for data protection by said third parties shall apply and these may differ from our own; we recommend you consult them before disclosing any data.

By filling in forms featured on the Website and sending the information requested, you consent to its processing in the ways and for the purposes described in this privacy policy.

Please read this information on personal data processing before contacting us and supplying us with your personal data.

If in doubt as to the characteristics of the data processing, contact us:

  • by e-mail: click here []
  • by regular mail, writing to the Legal Dept. of SAES c/o SAES Getters S.p.A., Viale Italia 77, 20020 Lainate, Milan.


Data Controller

Your personal data controller is SAES, with registered office in Leonardo Da Vinci, 3 – 20877 Roncello (MB) – Italy.

The Website is administered by SAES.

Data collection

Data disclosed by users

Some areas of the Website require the disclosure of personal data in order to benefit from functions that cannot be offered to those choosing not to supply the information required; more specifically, these include the sending of contact requests or information to SAES. The conferral of this information is voluntary: if not supplied, you may continue to browse the Website but will not be able to benefit from the relevant function.

Data is collected if and to the extent it is disclosed by the data subject. Data that is essential to the activities requested is marked with an asterisk.

SAES collects and processes only relevant data and in no way that exceeds the purpose of processing: users are asked to please not disclose any unnecessary data (and therefore to pay careful attention when filling in free text fields: e.g. the “Message” field of the “Contact us” area); however, this will in any case be deleted immediately.

Data processed includes personal and contact data (e.g. name and surname, address, mobile telephone number, e-mail address) and data relating to activities carried out (e.g. company and role within said company).

Users are asked to please not disclose any third party personal data to SAES, unless this is absolutely necessary (e.g. because the user does not have their own e-mail address and has no other direct means of contact); in this case, we would remind you that the user is responsible for fulfilling the legal requirements in matters of personal data protection and, in particular, for informing the third parties of the disclosure and, if necessary, obtaining their consent.

Data collected automatically by the Website

Each time you access the Website, our systems automatically register and analyse access data (such as the IP address of your provider, information on the browser used, pages visited, website from which you visited us, date, time and duration of each visit). The information is collected automatically by the Website and does not require you to do anything. The data collected is anonymous and aggregated only and cannot, therefore, lead to the identification of users. The information collected simply allows us to better understand the visits we received, how often we are visited and which parts of the Website are of greatest interest.

We analyse this data in anonymous form, for statistical purposes, and only use it to understand how our Website is used by users, so as to improve ease of access and increase its appeal, as well as note any technical issues as quickly as possible.

Purpose of processing and time for which personal data is stored

SAES processes the data collected via the Website in strict compliance with applicable data protection legislation and the instructions given by the Personal Data Protection Authority.

Data is only processed to satisfy specific requests made by data subjects and, where referring to customers of SAES, may also be processed to carry out customer satisfaction surveys with a view to verifying user satisfaction and improving SAES products and services, as better described below.

Replies to contact requests

The data supplied by filling in the contact request form will be processed to allow the user to benefit from this service and, therefore to respond to the requests sent using the contact details supplied. The data is compulsory: any refusal will make it impossible for SAES to contact and reply to the user.

This processing is carried out on the legal grounds that it is necessary in order to fulfil a specific request made by the data subject.

If the user is a customer of SAES, the data may also be processed to carry out customer satisfaction surveys by e-mail, aimed at verifying customer satisfaction and improving SAES Getters products and services.

This processing is carried out on the legal grounds that it is in the legitimate interests of SAES to improve its products and services, and is compatible with the position of the data subjects insofar as: (i) market research is anonymous and the outcome is not shared with any subjects other than SAES; and (ii) the interest of SAES would appear to be reasonably also that of the data subjects.

You can object to the processing of data for the purposes of customer satisfaction surveys at any time by following the procedure described below all the communications whereby you are asked to take part in the survey, or by writing to: or by post to the Legal Dept. of SAES Getters S.p.A., Viale Italia 77, 20020 Lainate, Milan. Any objection to this will in no way prejudice the processing of data required to respond to user’s requests.

Data will be stored and processed for up to 18 months form the date of the last contact request. It may only be stored for longer if a contractual relationship is established with SAES, in compliance with the description given in the additional privacy policy that will be supplied by SAES.

Communication and transfer abroad of personal data

Please also note that your personal data, in respect of the purposes specified above, may also be disclosed to public authorities, where necessary in order to comply with legal obligations. These subjects will process the data as autonomous data controllers.

Data will also be disclosed to subsidiaries and associates of the SAES Group if necessary in order to execute a sales contract or pre-contractual measures to be taken at your request, as well as for administrative-accounting purposes (therefore on the legal ground of the legitimate interests of SAES Getters) and, in this context, may be transferred outside the European Union. Any transfer will only take place to the extent necessary to execute the sales contract or pre-contractual measures to be taken at your request.

Your data may only be disseminated in fulfilment of legal obligations.

Processing method

The data will be processed using manual and automated tools that can guarantee the protection of Data, by design and by pre-defined settings that are such as to guarantee security and confidentiality and using logics that are strictly related to the purposes, by subjects to whom SAES  has issued operating instructions with specific reference to the security measures adopted.

Data processors include consultants and companies providing accessory and instrumental services to those provided by SAES.

A complete list of data processors is available on request, by contacting: write to the Legal Dept. of SAES Getters S.p.A., Viale Italia 77, 20020 Lainate, Milan.

Rights of the Data Subject

At any time, you can ask that you no longer be contacted using one or more of the contact details supplied and can exercise the other rights granted in accordance with current personal data protection legislation, and, in particular: the right to ask the data controller for confirmation that data is being processed, the right to access data and have it corrected or erased or limit its processing, or object to processing for one or more of the related purposes; the right to data portability; the right to submit an appeal to the Legal Authority or a complaint to the competent Data Protection Authority.

You may also request a complete list of data recipients at any time.

These rights can be exercised by contacting us:

  • by e-mail: click here
  • by regular mail, writing to the Legal Dept. of SAES Getters S.p.A., Viale Italia 77, 20020 Lainate, Milan.

For more information or clarifications as to your rights or the personal data processing, please contact us in any of the ways specified.


SAES is a dynamic company that prides itself in not standing still: it may amend all or part of this disclosure to fit with future extensions or changes made to the Website, products or services offered. Please check for any such amendments regularly. If substantial changes are made, SAES Getters may send an e-mail notification to this effect or may publish a notice on the Website to report the changes and potentially ensure receipt of any request to exercise rights over personal data, as described above.