Every day we choose to focus on innovation which is why we are equipped with the best in cutting-edge research laboratories. We can carry out permeation, mechanical and optical analyses.

Permeation analysis: in addition to standard determination of oxygen permeability, water vapour and carbon dioxide, we measure gases such as ethylene, volatile compounds (VOC) and other small molecules correlated to the aromatic profile.

Mechanical analysis: in addition to the determination of mechanical characteristics through dynamometry testing, we measure the flow and viscoelastic characteristics of films and coatings in relation to humidity and temperature as well as scratch tests and viscoelastic measurements on thin coatings by means of nanoindentation.

Optical analysis: alongside classical transparency analyses such as haze and gloss, our laboratories have systems for surface chemical analysis by FTIR and Raman spectroscopy, morphological analysis by SEM and a prism coupler for the measurement of the refraction index of mono or multilayer films.

All this and more allows us to develop even more innovative solutions for high performance sustainable future packaging.


Innovation and research – a binomial which best expresses us and pushes us on.