The Italian Best Packaging 2021 award saw among its winners Paper Compost / HB®, a packaging produced by Sacchital using the high barrier compostable film of SAES Coated Films called BXM. The pack is structured with a layer of FSC certified paper laminated with a MaterBi® film, coated and metallized by SAES Coated Films.

This innovation was possible thanks to the sharing of the technological excellence of Sacchital Group, Ticinoplast, Novamont Ima Group and SAES Coated Films.

The packaging has been certified by TÜV Austria for industrial compostability and has been adopted by Colussi Group for its Misura® Natura Ricca® savory snacks.

The Jury acknowledged that the product respects the values ​​of the Ethical Packaging Charter  in particular for “the transparency of the project, evident from the certifications of the materials and processes and the clarity of communication, and from the explicit collaboration with the University of Pollenzo and partner companies both in the supply chain and end users “.

Istituto Italiano Imballaggio has published here the complete description of the packaging solution, from its eco-design to the commercial adoption by Colussi Group.

To learn more about SAES high barrier compostable films, visit our website at this link.