SAES Coated Films

Coated Compostable

Compostable bio-based films coated for high oxygen barrier.

OTR down to 1 cc/m2 24h

Performance is guaranteed by Coathink®, the water-based coating technology applied to compostable bio-based films.

These highly protective and certified products enable the eco-design of packaging recoverable by organic recycling.

  • Longer shelf-life: increased performance of barrier properties
  • Certified: complies with EN 13432
  • More sustainable: allows recovery through composting
  • Bio-based: high content of materials from renewable sources
  • Excellent oxygen barrier
  • Excellent aroma barrier
  • Low sealing temperature & high sealing strength
  • Food

Used on a wide range of packaging where high oxygen barrier protection is required and composting is an appropriate end of life (e.g.: baked goods, snacks, cheeses, meat).

SAES Coated Films

Eco-friendly because…these advanced functional solutions provide the barrier performance of traditional films but use bio-based and compostable materials.

Main applications.

Refrigerated counter:

meat, cheeses

Shelf products:

chocolate, baked goods, coffee, snacks

The perfect packaging for organic products

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