SAES Coated Films

Compostable Multi-Gas Barrier

Compostable bio-based films coated and metallized for high oxygen and water vapour barrier.

OTR down to 0,5 cc/m2 24h | WVTR down to 1,8 g/m2 24h

Performance is guaranteed by the synergistic application of Coathink®, the water-based coating technology, and metallization on compostable base films.

These highly protective and certified products enable the eco-design of packaging recoverable by organic recycling.

  • Longer shelf-life: increased performance of barrier properties
  • Certified: complies with EN 13432
  • More sustainable: allows recovery through composting
  • Bio-based: high content of materials from renewable sources
  • High oxygen and moisture barrier
  • Excellent aroma barrier
  • Low sealing temperature & high sealing strength
  • Food
  • Nutraceutics

Used on a wide range of packaging where a high barrier to oxygen and moisture is required and composting is an appropriate end of life (e.g.: chocolate, coffee, baked goods, snacks, dietary supplements).

SAES Coated Films

Eco-friendly because…these advanced functional solutions replace traditional aluminum foil and use bio-based and compostable materials.

Main applications.


chocolate, baked goods, coffee, snacks


dietary supplements, powdered ferments

The perfect packaging for organic products

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SAES Coated Films

Application case

A new packaging that combines layers of coated bio-material and compostable paper

Coathink™ provides the high-performance barrier to oxygen and moisture.

  •  OTR < 0.5 cc/m2 24h | WVTR < 1.8 g/ m2 24h
  •  Paper outer layer
  •  Certified compostable according to EN13432
  •  High quality printing

At the heart of the high-barrier packaging is SAES Coated Films’ BXM product, a heat-sealable compostable film coated and metallized with patented Coathink® technology. The film is used as an inner layer and is laminated with an outer layer of compostable paper, giving consumers the distinctive touch&feel of a natural material.

Thanks to Coathink™, the packaging has exceptional barrier properties that meet the requirements for the protection of long shelf-life food products:

  • OTR (23 °C, 0% RH) below 0,5 cc/m2 24h
  • WVTR (22°C, 50% RH) below 0,5 g/m24h.

The packaging has received certification according to EN 13432 for industrial compostability, and after use can be safely and conveniently recovered in the organic waste bin.

Want to learn more about compostable packaging?

  • BXM film is OK Compost INDUSTRIAL certified.

The OK Compost certifications guarantee the compliance of packaging with reference standards in terms of biodegradability and industrial compostability.

The certificate is issued by an independent control body to those packaging products that prove to be compostable and suitable for organic recycling. The certification constitutes a documented and recognizable guarantee able to orient the industry and consumers towards more responsible choices.

To obtain OK COMPOST certification, the product must meet the strict requirements of EN 13432 and be subjected to accurate tests of chemical analysis, biodegradability, disintegration and ecotoxicity.

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SAES Coated Films

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