SAES Coated Films

Multi-gas Barrier

Films coated and metallized for high oxygen and water vapour barrier.

OTR down to 0,1 cc/m2 24h | WVTR down to 0,5 g/m2 24h

Performance is guaranteed by the synergistic application of Coathink®, the water-based coating technology, and metallization on a series of base films: BOPP, LDPE, MDO-PE, OPA.

These highly protective products enable the eco-design of recyclable packaging by replacing aluminum foil.

  • Longer shelf-life: greater performance of barrier properties
  • No Alu-foil: barrier effect expressed in a thin coating
  • Thinner: allows lamination with a thinner film
  • More sustainable: enables switching to monomaterials
  • Chlorine-free: no contamination upon use and recycling
  • High aluminum adhesion
  • Excellent oxygen and moisture barrier
  • UV barrier
  • Excellent sealability
  • Food
  • Nutraceutics
  • Industrial
  • Other

Used on a wide range of packaging where a high barrier to oxygen and moisture is required (e.g.: biscuits, milk powder, freeze-dried food, dried fruit, coffee, dietary supplements, vacuum pouches).

SAES Coated Films

Eco-friendly because…these advanced functional solutions replace traditionally used aluminum foil and reduce the thickness and the number of layers.

Main applications.


dehydrated soups, baked goods, powdered milk, dried fruit


dietary supplements, powdered ferments

Products requiring typical Alu-Foil barriers

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SAES Coated Films

Application case

High barrier MDO-PE film for recyclable mono-material packaging

  • 20 um thick MDO-PE coated and metallized by SAES Coated Films
  • OTR <<1 cc/m2 24h  |  WVTR <1 g/m2 24h
  • Easy tear
  • High print quality
  • Excellent processability
  • MDO-PE (Machine Direction Oriented PolyEthylene) film is suitable for replacing PET or PP layers in many multi-material flexible packaging structures, enabling their conversion to 100% PE recyclable structures.
  • The oxygen barrier is provided by Coathink®, the water-based coating technology developed by SAES. The coating is less than one micron thick, equivalent to just 1% of the total weight of the packaging.
  • The synergy between coating and metallization enables OTR  performance of less than 1 cc/m2 24h (23 °C, 0% RH)and WVTR  performance of less than 1 g/m2 24h (38 °C, 90% RH).

The film is also available in transparent version with oxygen barrier.

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