SAES Coated Films

Transparent Oxygen Barrier

Films coated for high oxygen barrier.

OTR down to 0,2 cc/m2 24h

Performance is guaranteed by Coathink®, the water-based coating technology applied to a full range of base films: BOPET, OPA, LDPE, MDO-PE, BOPP.

These products allow the eco-design of mono-PE and mono-PP recyclable packaging, according to the international guidelines for plastic recycling.

  • Longer shelf-life: greater performance of barrier properties
  • Thinner: allows lamination with a thinner film
  • No extra layers: barrier effect expressed in a thin coating
  • More sustainable: enables switching to monomaterials
  • Chlorine-free: no contamination upon use and recycling
  • Barrier to oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen
  • Aroma barrier
  • Transparency
  • Printability on coated side
  • Food
  • Other

Used on a wide range of packaging where high oxygen barrier protection is required (e.g.: bakery, dry fruit, cheese, cold cuts, fresh pasta, and modified atmosphere packaging).

SAES Coated Films

Eco-friendly because…these advanced functional solutions reduce the thickness and the number of layers and facilitate the transition to mono-material structures.

Main applications.

Refrigerated counter:

cold cuts, cheeses, fresh pasta

Shelf products:

bakery, dried fruit

Transparent packaging for oxygen-sensitive products

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