Technologies by Saes Coated Films

SAES Coated Films

the water-based high-barrier technology

Our patented coating offers excellent oxygen barriers and, in synergistic combination with metallization or AlOx deposition, adds high moisture barrier properties.

A full range of solutions for your packaging.

Coathink’s versatility allows deposition on a wide range of:

  • plastic films (LDPE, MDO PE, BOPP, BOPET, PA)
  • bioplastic films (Mater-Bi®, PLA)
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Sustainable byideation.

  • Patented BIODEGRADABLE lacquers
  • Composed mainly of WATER
  • Represent less than 1% by weight of packaging
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SAES Coated Films

Sustainable byimplementation.

Coathink paves the way for the circular economy of packaging by enabling mono-PE and mono-PP recyclable structures and compostable packaging.

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Innovation: pursued and manufactured.

Our plant in Roncello, near Milan in Italy, is equipped with:


coating lines


metallization line


AlOx deposition line


cutting stations