We design innovation

SAES laboratories employ state-of-the-art equipment and a team of experienced scientists who work to design, develop and analyze materials with functional and mechanical properties that meet packaging requirements.

Our scientific know-how enables our customers to take giant steps in packaging innovation.

Permeation analysis. What specific barrier does your product need? We can measure gas permeation through the packaging film, detecting oxygen, water vapour, carbon dioxide, and even volatile compounds that affect the aromatic profile of products.

Mechanical analysis. iMechanical analyses. How will mechanical properties change by switching to new packaging structures? We can determine how the mechanical strength of films is affected by their composition, humidity and temperature. We are experts in verifying the mechanics of thin coatings through all types of surface analyses.

Optical analysis. How to best preserve the internal atmosphere of the package? Not only barrier properties: through IR and Raman investigations we determine the morphology and effectiveness of multilayer structures in protecting your product.

We have a pilot coating and lamination line to validate the barrier solutions we design for our customers in terms of industrial scalability and machinability.

Development guided by science.

The conventional “trial & error” method is not an option in SAES Coated Films. Our scientific approach underlies each of the innovative products we offer to the market.