SAES transparent multi-gas barrier is an innovative transparent film offering a high level barrier against oxygen and water vapour. Performance is guaranteed by a special water-based coating:

O2TR: down to 0,4 cc / m2 x 24 h
WVTR: down to 1 g / m2 x 24 h

It is ideal for maintaining barrier characteristics in all production processes due to its excellent resistance to cracking.


Thanks to a reduction in thicknesses

Longer shelf-life
Greater performance of barrier properties

More transparency
Increased transparency and a brighter package

More efficient production
Improved machinability and ease of printing


 O2 – CO2 – N2 – WV barrier
High level of barrier uniformity on all surfaces

Water-based coating

Cracking resistance
Excellent performance in the Gelbo Test

Eco-friendly because
these are advanced functional solutions that reduce layers and thicknesses and facilitate the move to single material structures.



Main applications

Shelf-based products:
coffee capsules,
baked goods,
dehydrated soups

Transparent packages
for products sensitive
to water vapour and oxygen