Joeplast, Masterpack and SAES Coated Films have joined forces to develop packaging with a ‘circular’ story.

A zippered pouch is the packaging format chosen to demonstrate the feasibility of flexible packaging that fully meets the criteria of the circular economy and supports the industry on its path toward European targets for recyclability and use of recycled plastic.

The selected structure is a polyethylene mono-material with high gas barrier properties and a plastic content from post-consumer recycling equal to 30 percent of the total packaging weight, including the zipper. An additional and enabling aspect is the recognition of suitability for food contact, made possible by the special engineering of the recycled film.

The pouch was produced thanks to a collaboration between Joeplast, SAES Coated Films, and Masterpack, who decided to combine their technological expertise to produce a solution that would demonstrate the feasibility of a properly circular structure and serve as a goad to dismantle the mistrust of the attainability of the targets set by the European Commission.

In light of a proposed Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation that requires mandatory use of recycled plastics and recyclable packaging design, and a Plastic Tax already in place in countries such as Spain and the UK but with an evolving framework, the solution presented by the three companies gains prominence in demonstrating how packaging sustainability is implementable, thanks to technological expertise and scientific approach.

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